Quality Assurance


Qwazar Quality AssuranceAt Qwazar we are committed to, and emphasise product quality. As a result, we work to ensure that all our factories have both high quality and in-depth quality control procedures to ensure that our products not only have very long use lives, but also are of objectively high quality.

We aim to make sure that our batches have very low fault counts using a wide variety of testing procedures. Qwazar uses destructive testing methods such as using a machine to press our mechanical keys until failure, usually averaging upwards of 50 million key presses.

We also use salt water testing on our circuit boards to study the rate of electrical degradation in our keyboards, ensuring that the values we obtain are consistent with long usage life.

We take regular samples from the batches for in-depth use testing, and all keyboards are tested preliminarily on the production line to make sure all the key, lighting and anti-ghosting functions work properly.